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For Florida's Governor, Converting to
Renewable Solar Energy Begins at Home

Governor Charlie Crist makes good on his commitment to solar,
installs HELIOCOL Solar Pool Heating at the
Florida Governor's Mansion.

Governor Crist points to the HELIOCOL solar Governor’s Mansion during a press conference in Tallahassee.

TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA (July 17, 2007) - Florida Governor Charlie Crist today welcomed the first of several planned energy changes at the governor's mansion with the installation of a HELIOCOL Solar Pool Heating System.

The solar system, which features a dozen premium HELIOCOL solar collectors, will use free, clean energy from the sun to heat the governor's outdoor pool for the next quarter-century. The installation, which came just days following his Global Climate Change Summit in Miami with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, utilizes the same technology used by HELIOCOL to gain the heating contracts for the Summer Olympic pools in Atlanta and Athens.

First year savings for Florida taxpayers is estimated at over $3,600, with a ten year fuel savings of over $45,000. Additionally, the system will eliminate approximately 22,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year.

"Solar Power is the best choice for the People's House because it protects our beautiful natural environment as well as saves the taxpayer dollars," said Governor Crist. "While the price of gas and electricity could rise over the next quarter-century, the solar system uses free energy from the sun." The solar system was installed by David Marsh, whose company Tallahassee Energy & Construction Inc. has been a HELIOCOL dealer for 15+ years.

An avid swimmer who works out every day before dawn, Crist participated in an energy efficiency audit for the chief executive's residence in April, at which time solar pool heating was suggested by local efficiency experts. "I think we have to be good stewards of the land, air, water," Governor Crist said at the time. To further that commitment, he hosted the first Florida Summit on Global Climate Change in Miami just days before HELIOCOL Solar Pool Heater installation. The HELIOCOL solar technology uses the existing pool pump to direct the Governor's Mansion's cold pool water through hundreds of individual collection tubes installed on the cabana roof, where the water will be warmed naturally by the sun and returned safely to the pool.

Florida Pool Heating offers Hurricane Wilma Aid


Requested by NBC 6 news, Dennis Olmezer, Florida Pool Heating, agreed to help troubled homeowners on Hurricane Wilma Relief television broadcast Saturday November 12, 2005.  

 Chosen as the Tri-county expert by TV 6, Dennis fielded calls from homeowners who have problems relating to their pool and pool heating systems offering his advice on repairs and renovations.

 Citing his responsibility to doing what is right he was quoted, ”I have never felt so compelled to help my neighbors, both those in my immediate community as well as those miles away affected by Wilma".  He continued " we are all accountable not to just our own families but to those who require help beyond their own means”

 In addition he offers his help to those with questions and invites anyone to call for prompt and informative answers

 Dennis and his staff can be contacted in his corporate office.

Heliocol Solar Panels Survive Category 4 Hurricanes with Winds in excess of 145mph. 


To the left are actual news release photos of the aftermath of Hurricane Charley in Punta Gorda Fla.

Although we are sincerely sorry for the tragedy left in the wake of this storm, this photo illustrates the high quality and survivability of the Heliocol Solar Systems.

Heliocol is the ONLY Solar panel in the industry that does not require multiple "hurricane straps" across the panel to hold the panel to the roof to meet the 2007 FLORIDA WIND LOADING CODE. All of Heliocol's mounting hardware is at the top and the bottom of the solar panel ONLY and the mounting hardware is easily attachable to a truss or rafter.



ATHENS, GREECE – Mr. Costas Agelopoulos of the Greek Ministry of Sport announced that Heliocol USA has been chosen to design and install a Heliocol Solar Pool Heating System to heat the natatorium for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. The Athens Olympic Committee thoroughly researched and evaluated all options and in the end chose a Heliocol Solar System recognizing Heliocol’s unique, rugged product features, established large commercial system track record, and their very successful installation for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The main competition pool in Athens is situated inside a large metal building at the center of the Olympic village next to the basketball arena. Both structures have glaring white roofs that dominate the Olympic village skyline. The Heliocol collectors will be installed on the natatorium’s roof and their presence will send a message of energy conservation and environmental care, strong underlying principles held by the decision-making committees for the Athens games. In addition to the environmental benefits, the committee recognized the economic benefit of the Heliocol system installed on the Olympic competition swimming pool in Atlanta in 1996. It continues to save tens of thousands of dollars each year for Georgia Tech, the university that now owns the natatorium. The eight-year-old system continues to operate flawlessly. Though the lion share of Heliocol solar collectors heat residential swimming pools, Heliocol systems dominate solar commercial projects with systems installed at universities, schools and municipal pools, military bases, hotels, condominiums and apartment complex swimming pools. The flexibility, safety, and hardy features of Heliocol Solar Pool Heating Systems can adapt and deliver results in almost any application for many, many years. The centennial Olympic games that will take place next August in Greece celebrate 100 years since the renewal of the modern Olympic games in 1904. The ancient Olympic games began in what is now modern day Athens and the Athens Olympic committee is eager to demonstrate unity among the people of the earth and respect for our planet and environment during this landmark event. Heliocol is proud to be a part of the 2004 Olympics and looks forward to the design, installation and operation of a second Olympic pool heating system. - Heliocol Corporation