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Heat Pump 101
Where do Heat Pumps get Installed?
Our Heat Pump Installation Diagram will show you:

The AquaCal heat pump is installed right into your existing pool-plumbing configuration, after the filter and before a chlorine generator, if you have one.

AquaCal Pool Heating Process

  • Economy: An AquaCal heat pump is so efficient, it can give you up to $5.90 worth of heat for every $1.00 you spend to run it (that's a 590% return).  Compare this to a gas heater which returns only 70-80 cents for every dollar spent.
  • Ease: AquaCal heat pumps are easy to own and easy to operate.  We can specify a unit that is suited to your pool heating needs, being conscious of your budget.  We also can install the unit in a single day and you can swim in luxuriously warm pool water in a very short time!
  • Design: AquaCal heat pumps are designed with YOU in mind.  The functional design is based on simplicity.  Our units are configured for easy operation. Simply set it and forget it.  The structural design is based on enhancing the efficiency and esthetic's's of the unit. Built to last and engineered to fit easily into the tightest of spaces, their compact designs blend into every backyard resort decor.
  • Quiet Operation: AquaCal cares about your peace, as well as your peace of mind.  Our units are equipped with a super-quiet fan and 'Scroll™' compressor technology, instead of pistons, for the quietest operation possible.
  • Technology: AquaCal heat pumps are manufactured in the Unites States to the highest quality standard.  We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an advanced on site laboratory.  Our highly trained engineers and technicians use sophisticated computers and software to develop leading edge products that keep us at the forefront of the industry.  Many AquaCal units are microprocessor controlled (they have a computer 'brain' to control their function) and have Titanium Heat Exchangers with a patented water management systems.
  • Longevity: AquaCal builds heat pumps to last!  The Titanium Heat Exchanger is a high tech, super strong, space-age metal that is impervious to pool chemical corrosion and virtually indestructible.  The cabinet is UV protected high-impact plastic, therefore rust and corrosion-proof.  All component parts are quality inspected and highly tested to insure suitability and durability under the most severe weather and pool conditions.  Count on AquaCal heat pumps to last nearly twice as long as standard fossil fuel heaters.
  • Warranty:  AquaCals warranty is the very best in the business.  Every unit is covered under a 5 year limited warranty and the Titanium Heat Exchanger has a limited lifetime coverage.  We have been in the same location since 1981, so you know we will be around to back-up our warranty.
  • Service:  Factory Service... not just 'factory-trained'.  AquaCal's reliability and dependability are legendary in the industry.  Our service is performed by AquaCal FACTORY Service Technicians.  The only time you will probably ever meet one of our service technicians is when you enroll in our annual planned maintenance program.


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